Citizenship in the Community—Merit Badge

Requirements for the Citizenship in the Community Merit Badge:*

CItizenship in the Community reduced

  1. Discuss with your counselor what citizenship in the community means and what it takes to be a good citizen in your community. Discuss the rights, duties, and obligations of citizenship, and explain how you can demonstrate good citizenship in your community, Scouting unit, place of worship, or school.
  2. Do the following: 
  3. A. On a map of your community or using an electronic device, locate and point out the following:
      1. Chief government buildings such as your city hall, county courthouse, and public works/services facilities
      2. Fire station, police station, and hospital nearest your home
      3. Parks, playgrounds, recreation areas, and trails
      4. Historical or other points of interest

       B. Chart the organization or your local or State government. Show the top offices and tell whether they are elected or appointed.


*Another 6 steps are listed in the Merit Badge Book for Citizenship in the Community. You can find the latest version by visiting and searching.