Core Merit Badges

To become an Eagle Scout the candidate must have completed a total 21 merit badges. There is a lot more to advancement in Scouting then just ticking through a list of Merit Badges to complete. But Merit Badges are a big part of the experience.

There are currently a total of 137 merit badges sanctioned by Scouts BSA. The following is the list of Merit Badges that are required to become an Eagle Scout.

List of Eagle Merit Badges

        First Aid

        Citizenship in the Community

        Citizenship in the Nation

        Citizenship in the World


        Personal Fitness

        Emergency Preparedness OR Lifesaving*

        Environmental Science OR Sustainability*

        Personal Management

        Swimming OR Hiking OR Cycling*


        Cooking, and

        Family Life


*The three categories with asterisks can be satisfied by completing any one of the two or three merit badges listed on the same line. You are certainly welcome to complete all of the listed Merit Badges, but that is not a required.

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